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Finding a quality plumber around the Abington area of Pennsylvania is critical to maintaining services and the quality of life that we all expect in our homes. Whether you are dealing with legacy issues in your home, or you have new problems that have arisen which require immediate attention, the team at Reliable Electrician and Handyman is here to help you take care of the problem(s). Our company has more than 10 years of experience fixing the full range of plumbing issues that can arise in both older and new construction homes. It is not uncommon for our team to be called in behind a well-intentioned homeowner who tried to blow out pipes or replace PVC, and the job just did not turn out properly. We understand your needs and can be of assistance in:

  • Plumber Abington
  • Plumber Jenkintown
  • Plumber Willow Grove

We not only understand how to gracefully help you recover from these types of projects that have “gone bad,” but our technicians will never make you feel belittled for not doing the job right on your own. We understand how stressful home maintenance and repair can be for many consumers, and our team is here for you. We also know how to help our customers overcome some of the legacy plumbing issues that can be found in our area of the country when you find that you have terracotta or other legacy pipes that service your home or place of business. Our company provides the full range of handyman services, and we can also bring along an expert painter if you need that type of work done around the home. We look forward to taking your phone call today.

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Locally owned in the heart of Abington, PA.

We offer a variety of services including painting, plumbing, heating, electrical and general handyman services.

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  • Abington
  • Jenkintown
  • Willow Grove


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